About Cortx

Growing, Profitable, and Uncompromising

Cortx may be considered a “startup” since we are a young and growing company, but we are different in several important ways. Cortx is completely bootstrapped and has never taken any money from outside investors. Other startups have to sell their souls to venture capitalists who care more about making a quick profit than the long term goals or values of the company. We have been profitable from day one and that lets us pursue our long term goals unencumbered by the short term whims of investors. We are in it for the long haul.

We Are Ambitious

We aren’t looking to create the next social media sharing widget, or the next addicting free-to-play game. We solve real problems by taking nascent technology and applying it to industries where there is a lack of innovation. More importantly, everything we do is centered around the ambitious goal of building real artificial intelligence. You won’t be spending all day building boring CRUD apps here.

Intelligence for the Sake of Intelligence

Our primary goal is to make the world smarter. This isn’t just a good catchphrase-it’s what drives us. A very large part of our company is centered around “basic research:” research designed to make our technology smarter even if there is no financial incentive to do so. Since Cortx is completely self-funded, we are immune to pressure from investors or shareholders who only care about maximizing short-term profits. As a result, Cortx doesn’t exist to make shareholders rich, but to create a smarter world.

We’d Rather Spend Our Time Creating

Bumbling bureaucracies can exist in any company, whether it is a small startup or a Fortune 500 business. As we continue to grow, Cortx will always place a strong emphasis on maintaining an environment where creators can continue to create unencumbered by management. We believe in very small and focused teams where each person can have ownership over their work and not just be a cog in a machine. Small teams mean that less time is spent on office politics and more time is spent developing groundbreaking artificial intelligence.

We Are Always Looking for Smart People

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